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simple and smart pencil type developed by a long-established stationery manufacturer.

A precise mechanism allows the user to turn a dial to dispense an exact amount of liquid. The precise mechanism allows you to dispense just the right amount of liquid to suit your own style of use.

The sealed, piston structure prevents the contents from coming into contact with air, ensuring that every last drop is used without waste.

*Discharge volume of approximately 4 µL per click.


Round brush for easy application with a gentle touch.

The uniquely developed "round brush" is ideal for pinpoint application.

The ultra-fine fibers make each brush soft and fit the skin gently. The brush can be stored in a cosmetic pouch for easy portability.


Quality and environmentally friendly packaging.

ISO9001 (quality management system) and ISO1400 1 (international standard for environmental management systems). All processes, from material selection to printing and processing, are carried out in Japan.


Because it is something you use every day.

want you to take care of your eyelashes every day, just as you use shampoo and lotion every day.

We manufacture our products with this in mind.

To help you be more yourself tomorrow than today.