Why choose fillage?

全く新しい まつげ美容液

fillage Eyelash Serum


A highly concentrated blend of
three major ingredients that give lashes elasticity, firmness, and luster

Human stem cell culture medium

The high concentration (8%) of human stem cell culture fluid replenishes the moisture and oil content of eyelashes, giving them firmness, elasticity, and luster.
Human stem cell culture fluid" refers to "adipose-derived stem cell culture fluid" secreted from adipose-derived stem cells taken from human subcutaneous fat.
Human adipose-derived stem cell culture fluid contains many growth factors that are effective in anti-aging care (*¹).

Capixyl® (capsules)

Contains more than 2% capsicum, which is composed of natural ingredients. It gives elasticity and firmness to eyelashes and keeps them healthy. fillage Eyelash Serum is officially certified (*²) by Arysta Life Science, the manufacturer of the ingredients.


Ingredients developed and commercialized by SEDERMA, France, specifically for eyelashes.
It stimulates the growth of keratinocytes in the hair bulb, nourishes the eyelashes, and repairs them from external damage. The ingredients of fillage Eyelash Serum are procured under an authorized contract with SEDERMA.

Contains 33 Beauty Ingredients

Contains 33 beauty ingredients

More than 10 natural beauty ingredients improve the environment of the root of the eyelashes and
natural elasticity and luster of the eyelashes.

It's something I use every day.

No pigmentation ingredients

Filage Eyelash Serum does not contain ingredients that activate melanin growth. There is no risk of pigmentation with continued use.

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Smart pencil type

A simple and smart pencil type developed by a long-established stationery manufacturer.

Round brush with a gentle touch for easy application.

A precise mechanism allows the precise amount of liquid to be dispensed by turning a dial. The precise mechanism allows you to dispense just the right amount of liquid to suit your style of use.

The sealed, piston structure prevents the contents from coming into contact with air, ensuring that every last drop is used without waste.

Approximately 4 µL is dispensed per click.

Sealed structure not exposed to air

The contents never come into contact with air and can be used to the last drop.

Ultra-precise dial construction

Turn the dial to dispense the exact amount of liquid.
You can dispense the exact amount of liquid that suits your style of use.

Round brush with ultra-fine fiber specification

The uniquely developed "round brush" is ideal for pinpoint application.
Each ultra-fine fiber is soft and fits the skin gently.

Fits in the handle

A simple and smart pencil type developed by a long-established stationery manufacturer.

Quality and environmentally friendly packaging

Manufactured with improved printing certified to ISO 9001 (quality management system) and ISO 1400 1 (international standard for environmental management systems). All processes, from material selection to printing and processing, are carried out in Japan.

Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality

Because it is something that you use every day, we ensure uncompromising and thorough quality control.

Sensitive skin patch tested and stinging tested

Patch-tested on sensitive skin by a third-party organization on Japanese subjects. A dermatologist certified by the Japanese Dermatological Association judged the test results.
The product was classified as "safe" with the highest skin irritation rating out of four levels.

8 Non-Use Ingredients

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the active ingredients, we have eliminated eight ingredients that may be harmful to your skin.

O Artificial fragrances
O Artificial colors
O Mineral oils
O Synthetic oils
O Parabens
O Ethanol
O Silicone
O UV absorbers

Made in Japan

All processes of product processing, filling, and packaging are performed in Japan. Final processing is carried out in a filling plant certified under cosmetics GMP*3 (ISO22716) and ISO9001, which certifies international quality assurance.

Storage & Logistics

Our company and affiliated logistics warehouses have obtained a license (*4) to handle "highly controlled medical devices," which require stricter product storage and management standards than those for cosmetics. In addition to storing and managing products in an appropriate environment, we strictly control production lots and expiration dates using WMS (*5). In addition, our site and WMS are directly connected on the cloud, and customer information is automatically processed from order to shipment with almost no human intervention. Furthermore, our distribution warehouse has acquired the Privacy Mark and ISMS certification (*6).

FDA certified

Our products not only meet safety standards in Japan, but have also received product approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA(*7)) for sales in the North American area.

FDA Voluntary Cosmetic Registration (VCRP(*8))

All ingredients are reviewed and approved for prohibited ingredients and colorants in the U.S., as well as package descriptions based on FDA cosmetic regulations.
Registered in December 2021

Our Promise

It's something I use every day.

Just as you use shampoo and lotion every day,
we want you to take care of your eyelashes every day.
We manufacture products with this in mind.

Better tomorrow
than today, so that you can be yourself.