I want to boost my eyes! Points to consider when choosing an eyelash serum


I want to boost my eyes!
Key Points for Selecting an Eyelash Essence

With the prolonged life of masks, more and more women are becoming interested in improving the appearance of their eyes, and more and more are striving to take care of their eyelashes.
Eyelash serums are generally the mainstay of eyelash care, but there are many different types, and many people may not know how to choose the right one.

In this issue, we will introduce some tips for choosing the eyelash serum that is right for you.

As we age, we have more problems with our eyelashes, just as we have more problems with our skin.

The most common concerns are "few" and "short" eyelashes, followed by "easy shedding" and "diminishing with age.

Based on these survey results, it is important to start eyelash care as early as possible.

There are several ways to solve eyelash problems. For example, eyelash extensions have the advantage of making the eyes look beautiful even without eyelashes.

On the other hand, they require regular visits to a salon, and the weight of the extensions puts a strain on the upper eyelid and may cause it to sag. On the other hand, there are disadvantages such as the fact that the problem can only be solved while wearing makeup, and that technique may be required depending on the condition of the eyelashes.

In addition, it is difficult to approach the next most common problems, such as "eyelashes fall out easily" and "eyelashes are decreasing with age," with the above two methods. On the other hand, eyelash serums may be able to approach the problems of "few" and "easy loss" as well.

What you can expect from eyelash serums

What kind of effects can you expect from eyelash serum to take care of your eyelashes? The effects you can expect from eyelash serums include keeping your eyelashes healthy and enhancing their elasticity and luster.

Ingredients that can be expected to have an effect on lengthening include "capsyl," "Lidensyl," and "WildLash. However, some of them have been reported to cause hyperpigmentation, and their use should be carefully considered with an understanding of possible side effects.

The skin around the eyes is thin and very delicate. Therefore, it is important to choose a product that is as gentle as possible on the skin.

In fact, some people have problems with eyelash serums such as swelling around the eyes, eyelashes falling out, and allergic symptoms. Choose a product that does not contain ethanol, silicone, preservatives, or fragrance, which may cause irritation.

Eyelash serums come in a variety of forms. Some are generally applied with a tip, brush pen, or mascara brush, while others are applied directly by hand. Choose the one that best suits your eyes, eyelash condition, and eyelash concerns, as well as the situation in which you will be using it.

A tip or brush pen is easy to apply evenly to the lash line and can be used without getting your hands dirty.

It is also very important to choose products from reliable manufacturers. If possible, we recommend avoiding products from overseas, etc., where the ingredients are not disclosed or cannot be confirmed by the customer.

It is important to perform a patch test before using eyelash serum for the first time to prevent skin problems. To do this, apply a patch about the size of a 10 yen coin to a thin skin area such as the inside of your arm.

Leave it on for about 48 hours, and observe the skin condition several times during that time. If redness, itching, or other abnormalities are observed, discontinue use. Do not use when the area around the eyes is extremely dry or troubled. Try it when the area around the eyes is in good condition.

Repeated application and friction with a tip may cause hyperpigmentation. If a large amount is applied and it gets into the eyes, it may affect the health of the eyes, so follow the manufacturer's recommendations for use.

Eyelash serums can nurture healthy eyelashes and, depending on the ingredients used, can also address eyelash problems, but it is important to choose products carefully.

Before choosing a product, check what ingredients are in the product, what effects can be expected from it, and whether there are any side effects.

Also, the way you use the product is important, so please continue your care while taking care not to put any stress on the eye area, such as by performing a patch test before gently blending the product.