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Our Philosophy

A completely new eyelash serum that awakens dormant power

Just as you care for your skin and hair,
we believe that daily care is important for eyelashes as well, and have developed a completely new eyelash serum containing a high concentration (8%) of "human stem cell culture extract," which has attracted attention in regenerative medicine.

We developed a completely new eyelash serum containing a high concentration (8%) of "human stem cell culture extract," which has attracted attention in regenerative medicine.

fillage Eyelash Serum

Our Value

Why choose FILLAGE?



Customer satisfaction after 2 months of use


Human stem cell

Contains a high concentration of 8% human stem cell culture fluid, which is attracting attention in regenerative medicine

33 types

Beauty ingredient

Enriched with 33 natural beauty ingredients


8 Non-Use Ingredients

8 nonuse ingredients are realized.

60 countries

60 countries

Delivery to more than 60 countries

2 months

2 months

One bottle can be used for a full two months.

Reviews Rating


We have earned many 5 star reviews.
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Emily from United States

This product is great.

It was very easy to use. And I noticed a difference in my eye length very early on in the process. The only thing that I had trouble with was in the beginning I could not get the serum to go into the brush applicator. It took a very long time, but once I got it to work then it was easy and fast.

N.T from United States

It was very easy to use and versatile.

I was able to feel and see my eyelashes are getting stronger and longer every day! I put eyelash extentions at the end of two weeks and the eyelash technician was amazed with how thicker my eyelash became compared to before. I also applied the serum on my eye blow and it worked well as well.
The minimal and simple package brought me a special luxurious feeling. I would 100% recommend this product.

Lala from United States

After two weeks of use, I can see my lashes are thicker and longer!

My some eyelashes were short because of eyelash lift, but I see they are growing. It was a little difficult to apply and adjust the amount, but it's totally worth it. Can't wait to see more difference!

Summer from United States

It is a brush type and easy to apply.

It has been two weeks since I started using this eyelash serum and I feel my eyelashes are getting stronger and growing a little bit.
It is a brush type and easy to apply. I am looking forward to see what my eyelashes will look like when I used it up.

Alondra from United States

Noticed a big difference in lash quality within a week.

My upper lashes got more length and volume within a few days. It took my lower lashes about a week to see more length. I'm excited to keep on using it!

Lisa from United States

This product was very easy to use and I think made my lashes grow more than normal.

I need to use a bit more to see more results but am happy to use this product and the applicator works very well and the product is easily distributed along the lash line.

Saki from United States

this is the easiest product to use

I have tried many different eyelash serums, but this is the easiest product to use because it has
thicker brush.
I have been using this product for about two weeks and I already see the difference.
I love how much it made my lashes longer and thicker.

VR from United States

Fillage is great!

I started getting lash extensions 10 years ago because my lashes were thinning dramatically. I’ve used every lash serum possible from Grande Lash to Neulash; from the Amazon favorite to Latisse, and the results from Fillage are better than anything else I’ve tried. I saw increased growth and density in 14 days with no irritation, no crustiness and no redness. Just as a direct comparison, I’ve been using Latisse on and off for years and while it does help my lashes grow longer, they grow out very thin and my eyes were always irritated. (I used it anyway because it was my best option—until now.) I will be dumping everything else and using only Fillage from here on out.

From a famous salon in New York.

Professional Assessment

Asuka Iwao - Blue Geisha Lashes

I have been trying this new product and Itruly love it. I have seen really good results from it. As each day goes by, Iwas really surprised when I started seeing my lashes becoming longer, thickerand darker.I also noticed some baby lashes growing from places that I didn’t have. I feellike I don’t need to put eyeliner anymore.I’ve tried so many different kinds of lash serums but some were too harsh andit burns my eyes and those other serums caused my eyelid skin to discolor.My lashes are definitely improving and haven’t seen any discoloration so far.I will keep using this eyelash serum and will look forward to how my lasheswill grow even more.I highly recommend “Fillage eyelash serum” for all that tried many products anddidn’t get the result that you were expecting.

AikoZaitsu  - Aiko’s Lash Room

As a lash tech, I’ve been testing many lashgrowth serums. I would say this one is the best!Most products make the skin around my eyes(especially my lower eyelid) darker. When using Fillage, this didn’t happen andthere is no irritation on my eyes & skin.The shape of the brush is also great. It’s not too thick and not too thin. Justtwist-click to fill the serum into the soft textured brush.Since using this serum my eyelashes arenoticeably longer and healthier.I’m using this for my eyebrows too.My clients looked at my lashes and theythought I have extensions. I just wear mascara!

SakuraTamaru – Matsuge by Sakura

The minute I first use this on my eyes Isaw results in a few days. I have noticed a difference in my eyelashlength. I apply the serum like liquid eyeliner every night on the top lashline. I have used so many products trying to find something that would helpwith my weak lashes. I had the experience redness and irritation of theskin on my eyelids, and I wake up in the morning with crusty and sensitiveeyes, this product never happens and has been a wonderful product. Andit makes such a difference in my appearance, and it definitely makes mefeel younger and prettier.  To use lash serum is very important to maintaineven your natural lashes are not weak/damaged. They last longer once you havehealthy lashes. I have recommended it to so many of my clients already!!!

EunKeum Oh - 7 Hair

 Since all Koreans and Chinese still wearing masksin US even though the Covid-19 has been almost over, it seems that people,especially women, are very particular about their eyelashes and eyebrows andare interested in being able to beautify them, so if fillage is readilyavailable in the U.S. in the future, I would be happy to try it in stores.

Cosmetic Ingredient

Contains 33 beauty ingredients

All FDA-registered ingredients are disclosed.


Simple and smart pencil type developed by a long-established stationery manufacturer

Sealed structure not exposed to air

The contents never come into contact with air and can be used to the last drop.

Ultra-precise dial construction

Turn the dial to dispense the exact amount of liquid.
You can dispense the exact amount of liquid that suits your style of use.

Round brush with ultra-fine fiber specification

Each ultrafine fiber is soft and gently conforms to the skin.

Fits in the handle

A simple and smart pencil type developed by a long-established stationery manufacturer.


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