The power of your own eyelashes is the key! What is the "weeping eyelash" trend?


The power of your own eyelashes is the key!
What are the trendy "weeping eyelashes"?

idea that creating a wide-open eye is the basic and correct way to create eye makeup
may be an old-fashioned value.

Some people want to have a slender body, while others want to be glamorous.
In the same way, there should be different styles of eyelash makeup to suit different tastes.

With this in mind, a new style of eyelash makeup is emerging: the natural "weeping eyelash.
In this issue, we will introduce the appeal of weeping eyelashes.


We are
planning to start advance reservations through Makuake in January 2022.

We would like to give you a chance to try it out.


We plan to release Filage Eyelash Serum to the general public in spring 2022 or later.
In order to let as many people as possible know the appeal of the product before the general release, we are planning to conduct a project on the crowdfunding site "Makuake" from January 2022.

Pre-orders through Makuake will be available at a lower price than the general release.
The price for the general sale will be 7,480 yen (tax included).


The contents and names of the discount plans for advanced reservations are at the planning stage and are subject to change.

The number of pre-orders is limited.
We will send out the announcement of the start of the pre-order to those who have registered for LINE@ or our newsletter.

What is "Makemake"?

A crowdfunding site to support and purchase new products and services to be released in the future. Every day, products born from the latest technology and new projects that have never existed in the world before appear on the site.

General sales on this site are scheduled for the spring of 2022 or later.
Pre-orders will be available on "Makuake" in early January 2022 at a discount of up to 44%.

will announce the start of the pre-order on our official LINE account
and in our newsletters.