A completely new eyelash serum is now available.


Awaken your dormant power.

A completely new eyelash serum is now available.

Essential for a careful and healthy daily life
Skin care. Hair care.

Just as important, but
often forgotten, is the care of the eyelashes.

may be because many people think that eyelashes are a natural part of our nature.

However, eyelashes are just like skin and hair.
With careful care, eyelashes can show surprising abundance.
They even have the potential to do so.
That is why daily care is important for eyelashes as well.

With this in mind, we

have commercialized fillage Eyelash Serum, an eyelash serum containing a high concentration of human stem cell culture fluid that can be used 24 hours a day at home.

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have entered an era where eyelashes are
nurtured, not overly created.

The length, thickness, and number of eyelashes vary from person to person.
Of course, this may be due in large part to the way we are born. On the other hand, it may also be due to insufficient daily eyelash care. What if your eyelashes have become unhealthy due to UV damage, dryness, or the habit of rubbing your eyes? What if your eyelashes actually have the potential to grow healthier?

It would be a shame if you are not maximizing the natural beauty of your own eyelashes. Yes, from now on, eyelash care should not be about "making up for the lack of eyelashes" but about "nurturing your eyelashes to their original beauty.

Eyelash extensions, eyelash perms, and false eyelashes.
All of them are necessary depending on the situation in which they are used.

However, the habit of enhancing the potential of the natural eyelashes, which are the foundation of the eyelash extensions, is more essential than anything else.
Just as you do with your skin and hair, you should be conscious of taking care of your eyelashes on a daily basis.

What eyelash serum should I choose?

It is said that there are currently more than 750 types of eyelash serums (*1) sold in Japan.
It is important to have a good understanding of the ingredients used and their expected effects in order to identify the best products.

Among the many eyelash serums available, eyelash serums containing "human stem cell culture medium" are currently attracting a lot of attention for their high expected effects.


Human stem cells have the ability to copy (replicate) the same cells and differentiate into various types of cells. Because they can replicate and differentiate into the cells needed to regenerate damaged body tissues, they are used in a variety of applications.

In recent years, this regenerative function has attracted attention in the beauty industry and is used in high-priced anti-aging (*2) products. For academic details on human stem cells and human stem cell culture fluid, please refer to this column.

Human stem cell culture fluid is expected to have various effects, but in eyelash serums, it is the latest beauty ingredient that gives lashes firmness, elasticity, and luster and keeps them healthy.

This is one of the few eyelash serums (*3) on the market that contains human stem cell culture fluid. Filage Eyelash Serum contains an unprecedentedly high concentration (8%).

  • 1 Number of products registered as "eyelash serum" in the product database of a major cosmetics review site (as of December 2021).
  • 2 Age-appropriate cosmetic care
  • 3 Of the products listed in *1, approximately 30 contain human stem cell culture fluid as a total component. Only less than 5% of the total

Features of Filage Eyelash Serum



Triple formula of human stem cell culture fluid + Capsyl®
+ WideLash™.

We have developed a triple formula of human stem cell culture fluid, Capsyl®, and WideLash™ that contains a high concentration of ingredients necessary to maintain healthy eyelashes from the root. It is expected to not only nurture firm and healthy eyelashes, but also prevent breakage and split ends of eyelashes.

Human Stem Cell Cultured Solution
A high concentration (8%) of human stem cell culture fluid replenishes the moisture and oil content of eyelashes, giving them firmness, elasticity, and luster.
Contains capsicum
This naturally-derived ingredient is a combination of red clover flower extract and acetyl tetrapeptide 3. Like human stem cell culture fluid, it gives lashes firmness and elasticity and keeps them healthy.
Wide Lash formula
Ingredients developed and put to practical use in France exclusively for eyelashes. It is a cosmetic ingredient that combines peptides and panthenol. These two key ingredients prevent problems with eyelash breakage and give lashes elasticity and firmness.

Including these three major cosmetic ingredients, this product contains a luxurious blend of 33 different beauty ingredients*.

Of course, it can also be used with eyelash extensions and eyelash perms.
By preparing the environment of your own eyelashes, you can also expect to enhance these effects.


Easy-to-use container developed by a long-established stationery manufacturer


In commercializing the product, we focused on an easy-to-use container. Because this is a product that is used every day, we devised a way to make it stress-free when holding and applying the product. With the cooperation of a long-established stationery manufacturer, we realized a container with adjustable liquid volume, a good handle, a sealed structure that prevents the contents from coming into contact with air, and a soft bristle brush that does not irritate the eyelid.
It is a simple and smart pencil type that fits in your hand.

Safe and Reliable Products


The eye area is an important part of the body. To ensure the safety and security of the eye area, FILLAGE Eyelash Serum has undergone a patch test* and a stinging test* on sensitive skin models.

In addition, the product is free from fragrance, alcohol, and eight other ingredients. In addition, none of the ingredients contain ingredients that activate the growth of melanin. Therefore, there is no concern about pigmentation even if the product is used continuously.

  • What is a patch test/stinging test?
  • *Not all people will be free from allergy or irritation.
  • We recommend that you check all the ingredients before use, and if you have any concerns, we recommend that you try a patch test or other test before using the product.

    We are
    planning to conduct advance reservations through Makuake in January 2022.

    We hope you will be the first to try it.


    Filage Eyelash Serum will be available to the general public in spring 2022 or later.
    In order to let as many people as possible know the appeal of the product before the general release, we are planning to conduct a project on the crowdfunding site "Makuake" from January 2022.

    Pre-orders on Makuake will be available at a lower price than the general release.

    The number of pre-orders is limited.
    We will send out the announcement of the start of pre-orders to those who have registered for LINE@ or our newsletter.

    What is "Makemake"?

    A crowdfunding site to support and purchase new products and services to be released in the future. Every day, products born from the latest technology and new projects that have never existed in the world before appear on the site.

    General sales on this site are scheduled for the spring of 2022 or later.
    Pre-orders will be available on "Makuake" in early January 2022 at a discount of up to 44%.

    will announce the start of the pre-order on our official LINE account
    and in our newsletters.

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